As one of the local organizations of Society of Powder Technology, Japan, we at Kanto (Tokyo-Tsukuba) section serve to engineers and researchers in Tokyo-Tsukuba area related to particulate materials and their processing. We offer lectures, presentations, training and university/company’s visits for/by members of Kanto section, as well as by fellows from outside Kanto area.

Objectives of Forum in Indonesia:
To introduce the field of Powder-Technology, as well as powder/particle-related technologies developed by Japanese companies for Indonesian communities.

* 4th Forum in Bandung/Sumedang 2017

* 3rd Forum in Bandung/Sumedang 2015
* 2nd Forum in Surabaya 2013
* 1st Forum in Jakarta 2012

** Official website of Kanto/Tokyo section of Society of Powder Technology, Japan (in Japanese) (粉体工学会 関東談話会 ジャカルタ研修会)

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